The ASEAN-OECD Risk Mitigation Instruments Database (RMID) enables policy makers, project sponsors and lenders to quickly acquire information on project risks, mitigation strategies and market-based mechanisms to mitigate risks. The website increases visibility of available products from private insurers, bilateral and multilateral agencies and public investment incentives, with the aim to facilitate private infrastructure investment in Southeast Asia.

Given the significance of political risks in several Southeast Asian countries, risk insurers and their products, such as credit guarantees, political risk insurance and partial/full political risk guarantees, are accessible in the database. The database further covers public interventions such as subsidies, tax incentives, guarantees, loans and grants, offered by Southeast Asian governments to encourage private infrastructure investment.

As part of the project, the OECD and ASEAN Secretariat produced a report on Private Infrastructure Investment: Availability of Risk Mitigation Instruments in ASEAN Member States. This website disseminate the report’s main findings.

The website and report have been developed by the OECD in close collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat and with the financial support of the UK Prosperity Fund.