Bilateral Agencies in Southeast Asia

Indonesia Eximbank
Indonesia Eximbank seeks to encourage national export growth by providing financial instruments, such as export working capital financing, and protects exporters and investors against political and commercial risks by providing insurance products, such as Security and Insurance for Development, that are not provided by local commercial banks or other financial institutions.

Export Credit Insurance Corporation of Singapore (ECICS)
ECICS’s goal is to support domestic companies exports by providing financial services such as credit insurance, bonds and guarantees programs. Its trade credit insurance products, such as overseas investment insurance, cover exporters and investors losses that incurred due to political or commercial risks such as counterpart default.

Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad (EXIM Bank)
Exim Bank is a wholly state-owned Malaysian export credit agency which is mandated to promote Malaysian investment and exports in priority sectors such as capital goods, infrastructure projects, shipping or value added manufactured products. In addition to banking facilities, it provides a broad range of insurance or Takaful products including trade credit insurance or Takaful, political risk insurance or overseas investment insurance or Takaful, to cover exporters and investors against political and commercial risks. More information can be found here.

Philippine Export-Import Credit Agency (PhilEXIM)
PhilEXIM’s objective is to ease international trade and support domestic companies exports in priority sectors such as infrastructure, agri-modernisation and power generation. To do so, it provides financial instruments including guarantees, loans and export credit insurance, particularly to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Thailand: Export-Import Bank of Thailand (EXIM Thailand)
EXIM Thailand’s main objectives are to protect domestic businesses in their overseas transactions against investment and trade risks and to promote good corporate governance and social responsibility. It pursues these goals by providing various insurance instruments, including export credit insurance and investment insurance. More information can be found here.