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Japan Bank for International Corporation | RMID

Japan Bank for International Corporation

JBIC offers equity participation and loans to companies where Japanese companies are involved. Its loan and equity products encompass:

Export loans provide funding to foreign buyers and financial institutions (mainly in developing countries)of Japanese machinery, equipment and technology. It includes direct loans and co-financing.

    • Eligible recipients: Overseas importers and financial institutions
    • Eligible sectors: Railways, water, power (renewable energies, biomass, nuclear, coal)?? ?telecommunications and air crafts.


Import loans support Japanese importers or foreign exporters in importing strategically important goods including natural resources.
Overseas investment loans support Japanese companies foreign direct investments.

    • Eligible recipients: Japanese companies/ investors, their affiliates abroad and joint ventures with Japanese equity participations.
    • Eligible sectors related to infrastructure: railways, water, power (renewable energies, biomass, nuclear, coal) telecommunications and air crafts.


Untied loans provide financing to developing countries to implement projects and import goods. Loans can also be provided to countries to level their international balance of trade, or stabilize their currency. Loans are not conditional on procurement of equipment and materials from Japan. Objectives:

  1. Sustaining and expanding trade and direct investment from Japan;
  2. Helping secure access to stable supplies of energy and mineral resources;
  3. Promoting Japanese business activities;
  4. Exerting a favourable impact on the preservation of global environment; and
  5. Maintaining international financial order.


Equity?participation?consists of capital contributions to the companies with Japanese equity stakes or which have been established by Japanese companies to undertake overseas projects .