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Asuransi Ekspor Indonesia (ASEI) | RMID

Asuransi Ekspor Indonesia (ASEI)

Founded in 1985, Asuransi Ekspor Indonesia (PT ASEI) is a financial institution wholly-owned by the government of Indonesia. Its main goal is to promote non-oil Indonesian companies exports and international trade with Indonesia by providing financial instruments. PT ASEI provides broad range of insurance products including export and domestic credit insurance, counter bank credit guarantees, import insurance to Indonesian exporters/importers, domestic sellers/buyers and banks.

Main instruments :

  • Export Credit Insurance
    Instrument Export Credit Insurance
    Instrument Insurance
    Eligible investments, borrowers, and projects Indonesian exporters/importers, domestic sellers/buyers and banks
    Eligible beneficiaries Indonesian exporters to enter new and non-traditional markets
    Eligible forms of investment Loan, equity, bonds, credit, post shipment financing
    Risk types covered Commercial Risks:
    -Importer insolvency
    -Importer payment default
    -Importer refusal of acceptance of goods
    Political Risks:
    -Currency control/remittance ban
    -Import quota restrictions
    -Revocation of import license
    -Act of war or other hostilities
    Maximum tenor No set maximum
    Maximum amount or cover Indemnity of up to 85% of loss. If PT ASEI recovers any amount under subrogation, 15% of that amout recovered is returned to the exporter.