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XL Catlin | RMID

XL Catlin

Instrument Trade Credit Insurance
Instrument Type Insurance
Eligible beneficiaries - Banks
– Contractors
– Export Credits Agencies (ECAs)
– Exporters
– Leasing companies
– Multinational corporations
– Traders
Risk types covered Credit risks :
• Borrowing base facilities
• Capital relief products on a portfolio basis for banks and financial institutions
• Facultative reinsurance
• Non-payment by corporate entities, including non-repayment of an advance payment non-delivery of goods
• Non-honoring of a letter of credit or loans by private banks
• Non-honoring of parental guarantee
• Pre-export finance
• Reserve based lending
• Revolving credit facilities
• Trade Credit (single risk/obligor)
Maximum amount or cover Up to $65 million for credit insurance for a single transaction
Tenor Up to 8 years for credit insurance
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