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EXIM Thailand

Long-term Credit Insurance
Instrument Long-term Credit Insurance
Instrument type Insurance
How it works Companies can approach any Singapore-registered TCI credit insurer for a TCI policy cover. Should the company qualify for premium support under TCIS, the TCI credit insurer/intermediary will assist it in the submission of its application for TCIS premium support to IE Singapore.
Eligible projects • Supplier of goods and Services
• Financial institution providing overseas credit
Eligible beneficiaries Exporter that has a Thai national or Thai company as a shareholder
Eligible forms of investment All export transaction such as sales of capital goods, construction contracts, service contracts, or sale of consumer durable goods, etc.
• For export of services transaction, the term of payment or contract period could be up to 5 years.
• For export of goods transaction, the term of payment or contract period should be more than 6 months to 5 years.
Risk types covered Political and commercial risks
Maximum tenor No stated maximum
Maximum amount or cover Cover up to 90% of the actual loss
Fee Premiums based on type of risk covered (credit risk, construction risk, securities), coverage (political risk, commercial risk), country risk, financing structure, duration, buyer, and the like