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Risk Mitigation Instruments

Risk Mitigation Instruments (RMIs) facilitate access to debt and equity financing by mitigating and transferring risks from project sponsors and private lenders to third-parties. Common instruments applied to Southeast Asia include contractual arrangements, joint ventures, insurance and guarantees.

Given the importance of tradable financial risk mitigants?such as?insurance and guarantees, the survey?analysed their availability in ASEAN Member States. The assessment of these products availability from private insurance companies, bilateral and multilateral agencies seeks to identify potential gaps.

Access to financial risk mitigation instruments from public and private providers depends on the estimated risk level of the project which derives from, amongst other things, the respective host country, sector, type of investment (brownfield/greenfield) and involved public and private stakeholders.

There has been increasing?interest in financial RMIs due to an increased awareness of political risks, following the global?financial crisis and political events such as the Arab Spring, as well as general political unrest and instability. Political risk mitigation is of special importance for long-term and large scale infrastructure projects, which can generate?a substantial revenue stream from end users.

This website has been organised to provide information on applied instruments for:

Parameters of risk mitigation